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The following claims examples demonstrate the policy in action;

Unfair Dismissal

Example 1:

Executive claimed a personality clash led to him losing his board position.

Example 2:

An employee claimed that following health issues she was hurried back into work, struggled to work to full capacity and lost her position.

Example 3:

A sales person was dismissed for under performance claiming that they were unfairly picked on.

In all 3 examples, the policy paid out legal defence costs and the cost of the award paid to the employee.


Sex Discrimination
An allegation was made after a female employee left her position. The business owner had received no complaints at any time during the period of employment.
Following the employee’s departure, the client was pursued for damages relating to discrimination and impaired promotion prospects.
Defence costs and damages were paid under the policy.

Policy Cost

The policy premium starts at around £300 a year depending on the size of the business turnover.

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