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For clients who require specialist cover, our product range includes:

  • High value buildings and contents

  • Valuables and collections

  • Supercars, prestige sports, classic cars and motor cycles

  • Yachts and boats

  • Private planes and helicopters​


For your special home and belongings, we work with a small panel of high net worth insurers who have designed bespoke covers to suit your needs including the following:

  • Listed Buildings

  • Additional properties such as UK or overseas holiday homes

  • Valuables and such as fine art, coin, jewellery and watch collections

  • Valuables away from home such as jewellery, mobile phones, laptops and tablets

  • Business equipment if you run a business from home

The policies are also flexible if you need to change your cover throughout the year to reflect new purchases.

Additionally, our panel of insurers can offer access to specialist services using a network of trusted contacts including safe installers, legal advisors and a 24-hour personal security helpline.

High Performance Or Classic Cars
We understand that if you drive something a little more special you will need the right policy to match. We work with insurers who provide unique cover for drivers of high value cars, classic cars including motorcycles. Several cover benefits are also included which are not normally found in standard car insurance policies:

Fully Comprehensive - Whatever car you are driving, even those not owned by you. Anyone over 30 years old can drive your cars – fully comprehensive with your permission. 

Guaranteed Value -  In the event your car is written off, insurers will pay you up to the agreed value or replace it with a brand new car if less than a year old and one is available. 

Your Choice Of Garage – Insurers understand you may have used your garage for years and trust them to take care of your car.  

Courtesy Car Similar To Your Own  - Should you need to borrow a courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired, insurers will arrange a similar car to your own. 

Unlimited Number Of Foreign Trips  - Your car can be covered for an unlimited number of foreign trips, up to a maximum of 90 days each trip. 

Yacht Insurance
Our yacht insurance markets can cater for both private yachts and boats as well as craft used for commercial purposes. We can source cover for a wide range of boats from:

  • Modern carbon racing machines

  • Classics yachts and boats

  • Small family yachts

  • Blue water cruisers

Private Aviation Insurance
We arrange specialist cover for a wide range of private and commercial aircraft including:

  • Private jets

  • Helicopters

  • Light aircraft

Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)
Our aviation insurance solutions are bespoke to meet your specific requirements. However as a guide, standard policies include accidental loss and damage, terrorism protection, third party cover in the event of a crash, as well as passenger and cargo liabilities.


We work with a large panel of UK based insurers to bring you life insurance solutions for yourself & your family.

  • Varying limits of cover to suit your needs

  • Critical illness can be included

  • Immediate cover available

Couple with Kids
Private healthcare.jpeg

High level private healthcare is important for yourself and your family.


We can offer you this from a top insurer at excellent rates. 

Bespoke cover can also be arranged for your business and be included as part of an employee benefits package. 

Additionally, cover can be tailored to your needs based on the following features:

  • Standard or full out patient options

  • Full comprehensive cancer care

  • Fast track appointments service

  •  24/7 telephone support line

  • Therapies including physiotherapy

  • Mental health

  • Dental and optician cash back

  • 6wk NHS Option – in return for a discount on your policy, if the NHS can treat you within 6 weeks then you will use an NHS service

  • European or worldwide travel cover option (adventure sports available)

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