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Key Person cover is designed to protect your

business in the financial sense. If the business is heavily

reliant on an individual or a group of people to ensure

it's survival then a key person policy will pay out in the

event of death. Critical illness can also be included.

With this policy, a business can use the claim

settlement to replace the key individual(s) and continue operating. 

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Personal Guarantee insurance is a unique product which protects your personal assets if your business faces insolvency. We have partnered with Purbeck Insurance Services, a specialist in this field to provide you with a solution which protects your home, car, savings and pension if your lender calls in your personal guarantee. The key features of this solution include;

  • Cover up to 80% of your guarantee

  • Maximum level of £400,000 for secured loans & £300,000 for unsecured loans

  • Unlimited access to a business support service

  • Multiple directors can be covered under a single policy

  • Multiple guarantees can be covered under a single policy

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Employee disputes affect any size of business and tend to keep business owners awake at night with the risk of court disputes and large awards.

Tribunal Insurance, also known as employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) offers real peace of mind. This cover comes as part of the Management Liability Policy which also offers directors and officers liability as well as corporate legal liability.

Key Features Of The Tribunal Insurance Cover:

  • Covers breach or alleged breach of employment contract such as sex or race discrimination, constructive or unfair dismissal

  • Covers all defence costs and any award payable to the claimant

  • Breaches in GDPR covered

  • Claims relating to equal pay covered

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High level private healthcare is important for yourself and your family.


We can offer you this from a top insurer at excellent rates. 

Bespoke cover can also be arranged for your business and be included as part of an employee benefits package. 

Additionally, cover can be tailored to your needs based on the following features:

  • Standard or full out patient options

  • Full comprehensive cancer care

  • Fast track appointments service

  •  24/7 telephone support line

  • Therapies including physiotherapy

  • Mental health

  • Dental and optician cash back

  • 6wk NHS Option – in return for a discount on your policy, if the NHS can treat you within 6 weeks then you will use an NHS service

  • European or worldwide travel cover option (adventure sports available)


Every business is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Whether you are a manufacturer using computer automation processes, an IT business or a retail outlet, any company which uses electronic equipment and computers is at risk. The nature and extent of each incident may vary from business to business however the key point to remember is that any business using a computer system and its data is vulnerable to cyber risks.

Businesses can be affected in the following ways:

  • Virus or hacking attacks which affect customer transactions

  • Corruption or damage to data

  • Theft of intellectual property

  • Loss of customer, supplier or other key data

  • Consequent liability to a third party, including fines, costs, awards and damages

  • Damage to reputation as a result of the attack

  • Loss of revenue

The cyber policies we source are designed to handle cyber attacks on your behalf, the full process from beginning to end; appointing various professionals such as IT risk managers, solicitors and managing public relations. 

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