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We can help you source a great deal whether you have one property or a large portfolio. Our areas of expertise include;

  • Standard residential lets - unlimited number of properties

  • Student and council lets

  • Short term holiday or business lets

  • Unoccupied properties whether long or short term

  • Properties undergoing construction

  • High risk flood areas

  • Commercial lets such as shops and offices

  • Industrial lets including factories, depots, and engineering premises

  • Listed buildings and properties of high value

Building Reinstatement Value - Key Partner Support

More often than not, clients may not have an accurate building reinstatement value for their property. This is a key piece of information to ensure you have adequate protection. If your property is insufficiently covered then insurers may apply average in the event of a claim. This could substantially lower the amount of your claim settlement. To support you, we have partnered with a specialist surveying company who can provide desktop or a full valuation of your buildings reinstatement value. Contact us for more information.

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