Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Small Businesses & Trades

We offer packaged or standalone cover for retail businesses, landlords, offices, pubs, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, tradesmen, van and small fleets and professional indemnity for accountants, IT consultants or anyone who provides advice or design work as part of their business. 

There are many other trades we can handle so please call us if your business doesn’t fall into any of the above categories.

Our key strengths in this sector are; 

  • Consistently competitive rates, in some cases we have saved clients over 50% on their insurance premiums
  • Fast level of service – We aim to provide quotations the same day your enquiry is received
  • Bespoke solutions – we appreciate no size fits all. If your business is involved in something unique then we can think outside the box and tailor a policy for you. 

Whether new or fairly experienced in the world of insurance, its useful to know that an insurance policy is not designed to cover every eventuality your business could face. Your policy booklet will detail what is and what is not covered. This booklet will also highlight the covers that are reliant on you meeting certain policy conditions. 

As a brief guide, a standard package policy is based on all risks perils including the following;

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Storm 
  • Flood
  • Escape of water or oil
  • Riot/civil commotion
  • Malicious persons
  • Aircraft
  • Earthquake
  • Impact
  • Falling trees
  • Subsidence 
  • Accidental damage


These perils fall under the property damage category which could be in the form of buildings, contents and stock. There are several other covers which form part of a package policy as standard. These covers are; 

  1. Business interruption – covering your loss of earnings and profit in the event of one or more of the above perils. 
  2. Money – including theft whilst on the premises, in transit to the bank and money kept in a safe
  3. Goods in transit – damage to goods whilst being transported to your customer or elsewhere
  4. Employers liability - Covers an injury suffered by an employee during the course of their employment. This cover is required by law
  5. Public liability - Injury or loss suffered by a member of the public or damage to their property
  6. Products liability - Liability to a consumer caused by faulty or tampered products 


medium large

Medium & Large Businesses

There are no limits to the sectors we cover. 

We offer strong expertise in general manufacturing, wholesale and engineering businesses. We can also go a step further to multiple portfolios and complex sectors, including international risks, local placement of covers in each global territory, safety critical manufacturing and supply, heavy engineering, local authorities and ports.  

Additional specialist policies can also be provided such as kidnap and ransom for employees working in high risk areas, as well as environmental and pollution liability and political risks cover and terrorism protection insurance.

Every business has its unique features. Our approach here is to review what you do and how you do it. A walk around your premises is always a good idea as it helps us build up a picture of your risks before we go to the insurance market. A review of your current insurances is essential, this is where we can advise if any improvements to cover or cost savings can be made.  

It is not always easy to find you the best deal but we never shy away from a challenge. The case study below demonstrates some of the challenges we overcome for your business.

Large Block Property Portfolio


  • Insurance quotation arranged for block buildings – Annual premium £150,000 

Client Needs;

  • Cost savings
  • A+ rated insurer
  • Speed of service – policy adjustments and claims service


  • Cost savings – many insurers could not provide reduced premiums 

How We Did It

  • Used our extensive network and long standing insurer connections to obtain the premium savings we wanted to give to the client. This saved the client £35,000
  • Set up a team to deal with the high volume of policy adjustments and claims. This allowed us to provide a 24 hour turnaround service