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We are always evolving, changing and growing, to ensure we give the best service we can.

Starting with our founder, Satvinder Breeze. In 2012 she took her then 17 year solid insurance career and set up SKB. The focus was on bringing back the traditional local service to local businesses and it grew from there.


We help and support everyone around us. Our clients, our business communities, networking associates, business group colleagues and friends. We strive to create success for others and in turn this helps us grow.





We really value our team – by helping them to realise their potential, give them a positive place to grow and discover who they are and what they want in life.  Working with their strengths and not rating them on their weaknesses, our people are top performers in our organisation.

Find out a bit more about us below about who is here to support you and your business.


Satvinder - Owner & Director

When she is not conquering the insurance world, Satvinder likes the quiet life with her family.... and great banter at a night out with friends over a good G&T!

Tracy - Commercial Broker

As a proud mother of two, she's far too busy to have any time for herself but she has been tempted out of her shell a few times!

Tracy brings the professionalism and working commitment that both we and our clients value most. Her 'get it done' attitude ensures that clients can be comfortable in knowing that their needs will be met and they'll get the best service possible.


Bernadette - Commercial Broker

Bernadette loves travelling and eating out and also enjoys horse riding on the odd occasion. She is real problem solver and brilliant when it comes to thinking outside the box. Bernadette is amazing when it comes to dealing with complex businesses or situations, she always finds a solution. 

Lorraine - Claims Handler

In her free time, Lorraine is a keen animal enthusiast and loves spending time with her horses and dog. When it comes to claims handling, she is absolutely brilliant and doesn't give up at the first hurdle. She is a real asset when it comes to fighting your corner!

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